Hello and welcome to Valley Ponds.

The business has been established for 20 years and has a friendly and reliable service built over the years with new and existing customers.The company covers Berkshire and Buckinghamshire also travelling further as the work requires.

Although Valley Ponds is a business that has many specialised in pond and water gardening we have also designed and built gardens and patios for our customers.


The garden above was designed and built by Valley Ponds to the custmers brief which was that it should be low maintenance and include a Koi carp fish pond.

The garden was also to have a Japanese theme to it which would complement the koi carp in the pond. 

This is a Garden that has been desiged and planted by Valley Ponds .


The customers had a property in Buckinghamshire in which I had built a stream to run across the garden and flow into the pond.

They were very happy with the end result and asked if I would concider some work in Oxfordshire at a second property which they owned.

The garden had to have a cottage feel with plenty of colour and intrest.



The picture above is of a large natural pond that has been built by Valley Ponds using a rubber pond liner to unsure the pond has a strong and reliable waterproofing quality.


The picture to the side is from the other end of the scale and show a small pond that was cleaned out and replanted.This pond also has a small area to allow hedge hogs and other animals to get out of the pond if they fall in.

Above is a short video of a pond that was completely rebuilt in Gerrards Cross by Valley Ponds.The pond had to resemble the original design.